Want The Perfect Wedding?

“Couples with bad credit can easily get the best rates
on a wedding loan to ensure they have
everything needed for their special day.*”

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You can afford to have a wedding even if you have a bad credit history. If you’re getting married, but are having difficulty finding financing due to your less than perfect credit, a personal loan for bad credit can offer you access to cash.

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The problem with finding financing when you have bad credit is that most financial providers won’t approve loans for borrowers with bad credit. However, when you apply for a loan specifically for those who have bad credit, you’ll be more likely to get funding.

A bad credit loan application allows you to approve your interest rate, approve your repayment terms, and receive the money in less than a week. They are convenient and fast with service available online, 24/7.

You may ask, “Are there limits to how I can use my bad credit wedding loan? Do I have to use my car for collateral?” The simple answer to both questions is no! Finance wedding rings, a dress, photographers, food, and a luxurious honeymoon.

Start making arrangements for your wedding and apply online for a bad credit wedding loan now.



All of the loans are unsecured loans, so no collateral is needed. Getting engaged, having a wedding, and going on a honeymoon is all possible with a wedding loan for bad credit.

*Income must be greater than $800/mo.
Loans are not available to active military or residents of one of the following states: GA, OR, AZ, VA, WV, AR